Cartridge Upgrade ...AT ART-9?

Hello all , I'm looking to upgrade to a better TT / cartridge and I've heard from a very reliable source that the AT ART-9 is unbeliebavly great cartridge.

I listen to mostly Classic Rock /Jazz Fusion ....I currently just have a Technics SL15 with a P205CMK3. I'd like to get something that is higher end around $1K that dramatically improves my setup. 

Anything that is with mentioning that gives the ART-9 a run in that range? Thanks! 

Allnic H1201 
Lyngdorf TDAI 2170
Tekton DI SE
Back to the original question... my upgrade path was Blue Point #2, then Ortofon 10x5, then AT ART9.  I have been very happy with the ART9 for about a year.  So much so, that when time comes to replace it, I will be getting another ART9.  It now has around 400-500 hours on it, and sounds fantastic.

Check other reviews on ART9, and I think you'll see you cannot go wrong.  That said, maybe others like Shelter would be different, and maybe even better in your system... but you can't go wrong with the ART9.  IMO, it's a good high-end value.

I think your Allnic Phono Preamp would mate very well with it, and should sound great!  It has 62db of gain, or 66db, either of which should be excellent.
(but it make sense only if the diamond is exactly like on my picture, not damaged or destroyed). 
@chakster - I can see my Stylus but I don't think it's as high off the cart as yours (sits way lower) ....not good? Thanks 

Comment 1:

Have seen too many compliments about Soundsmith retipped carts.  Never heard anyone say they regretted it or it sounded worse.  And I have seen a quite number of SS customer comments on this.

Comment 2:

AT doesn't retip but if you send in your old cart they sell you same model at a reduced price or you can upgrade as well.   Either way you save bucks, I think it is around 50 or 60% of new cost.

Dear @tommypenngotti  : This could be a good alternative over Andy or SS for your 205 MK3 cartridge repairs:

Another one for you to verify the diamond, ufortunately i don’t have a pictures of the stylus for mk3 model, but the one i got is for mk4 model (p-mount has the same stylus profile and size). Maybe your stylus tip is damaged, indeed. You need some magnification to make sure, or inspection by the professional (it cost about $60).

P.S. Don’t send it do Andy, because this is the guy who destroyed very rare cartridge for our experienced member jpjones, and refused to refund the money, never send Technics cartridges to him. Raul has no idea what he’s talking about. If you need an inspection just send to SoundSmith if you’re in USA