Cartridge Upgrade ...AT ART-9?

Hello all , I'm looking to upgrade to a better TT / cartridge and I've heard from a very reliable source that the AT ART-9 is unbeliebavly great cartridge.

I listen to mostly Classic Rock /Jazz Fusion ....I currently just have a Technics SL15 with a P205CMK3. I'd like to get something that is higher end around $1K that dramatically improves my setup. 

Anything that is with mentioning that gives the ART-9 a run in that range? Thanks! 

Allnic H1201 
Lyngdorf TDAI 2170
Tekton DI SE
Dear @toommypenngotti :  Definetely a LOMC cartridge is a serious up-grade over MM/MI cartridges. These ones are good options for you:   excellent performer an better than the ART9, builded by My Sonic Labs cartridge manufacturer.    very good option as alternative to the ART 9 witn advantages over the 9 and at excellent price.  this too is a very good performer and is new sample.

Shelter never dissapoint me.

Now for those kind of LOMC cartridges you need a good solid state ( tubes destroy any cartridge signal that pass trhough it. Forgeret about tubes. Tubes are for sound lovers but not for MUSIC lovers. )phono stage design and a good TT as the one you mentioned: Technics   1200G that comes with very good magnesium tonearm and removable headshell where you can use your 205CMK3 too.

You can re-tip your 205CMK3 through:   ask to Andy boron/microridge cantilever combination that outperforms easily the original version you own by a wide margin ( not only because is better stylus shape but solid boron is superior to hollow one or berilyum. ) and you can buy the plug-in adaptor for a universal removable headshell ( in the 1200G. ) through ebay or Soundsmith.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
Re-tipping Technics cartridges is a very bad idea, refurbishing it with a different cantilever is a completely waste of money. I don’t want to start all over again, it’s all on this forum and anyone can search for it. Andy destroyed jpjones cartridge, Axel refurbished mine for Foxtan from whom i bought it "as the original" (he cheated me) and later when i compared refurbished cart with original the original was so much better (day and night difference).

Easily buy another cartridge if you have a problem with Technics cartridge, the AT-ML180 is much better than Technics 205c mk4. Or LOMC if you wish to.

SoundSmith does not guarantee a possibility of re-tipping Technics, i asked him ones. For any re-tipper it is more "like a project", they can do that maybe, or maybe they can destroy your cartridge. This is a very expensive and too complicated job. Actually original cartridge is always better, much better to invest more money in better cartridge. After all the P205mk3 is not so special as the mk4. 
this is kind of off my original subject , but I tried switching inputs L/R on the RCAs of my SL15 to power amp & it seemed to clean up the distortion , I think The RCAs are going bad . These Technics cables are hard to find & not cheap , guess I could just use regular RCAs & ground wire to any screw on SL15 ....
Dear @harold-not-the-barrel : The OP 205MK3 are in operation condition but after so many time a change is in order due that the cartridge motor design is similar to the MK4 and any re-tipper only need to change cantilever/stylus with out repair anything else. Even with today boron/stylus will outperform the MK4 and probably its big broter EPC 100C MK4.

As a fact the 205 MK4 and 3 started in the market two years latter than the 100C MK4.b Were the latest MM Technics great designs.

All those are facts to help the OP but if he want to go for the Art 9 is fine with me or even with other MM/MI cartridges.

Other gentleman posted here that the OP needs a phono stage different from what he owns if he wants  LOMC cartridges. At the end it's up to the OP that's whom will " live " with his choices, not you or me.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,