Cartridge upgrade????

Ok so finally I am at a good place with my Kuzma Stab S-12 using a wonderful Hana SL cartridge fed into Bent Audi Sut to Sutherland PHd3...into my amplifier. I think it really sounds good but got an itch to maybe upgrade to a higher end MC cartridge.

I was considering the Air-Tight PC 7 but not really sure if it is worth it to spend all the $$, or maybe an Ortofon Cadenza  or????

Anyone have experience moving up from the Hana SL, and if so may I ask to what? No need to do it in a hurry but thinking that maybe this would be a good path, and mostly I am listening to jazz...lots of horns and small trios.


thank you all in advance....




I jumped from Hana ML to Ortofon Cadenza Black.  Very noticeable improvement in transparency and detail.  I like it much better than the Hana ML.  Almost 3X the money so should be better.  


Thank you all for your input.

I am using the Kuzma Ref 313 12" arm (non VTA) which I like a lot. |After some thought and speaking with another member of the community I will forgo the PC-7 and am looking at some other choices:

Ikeda 9TS

My Sonic Lab

Koetsu Blackline


I was interested in the Lyra Delos but mu local dealer thought it might sound lean in my system....anyone have experience with it and can share? thank you al


Be the first kid on the block

Audio Technica is releasing this in a couple of weeks. 

Most likely, it will be a winner since it's intended to fit between the ART9 and ART 1000. $2500 or so price point




I'm a neophyte with respect to vinyl / analog, but I've listened to 5 different cartridges in the past 6 months, on two different turntables, and I can say that it's definitely worth it to upgrade the cartridge, to the extent that you can benefit from it in your set up (how much resolution can your system reproduce?)  

I've personally really enjoyed the Linn Krystal, the Koetsu Rosewood, the Koetsu Urushi Black, and the Lyra Atlas.  In my limited experience, the Koetsu are very good tonally, but not the best with respect to detail; whereas the Linn and Lyra are very detail oriented.