Cartridge upgrade

Time to upgrade my turntable with a new cartridge.
The player is a Thorens TD160 B with SME Series III (Low-Mass 9 "Tonearm) today I have a Nagaoka MP-110.

Thinking of an Audio Technica VM750SH (replacing model 150) has anyone listened to this combo?
Any suggestions on other Cartridge that would fit my tone arm? (Price between 200-800 $)
MM or MC does not matter


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@titus1 You will have much more bang for the bucks if you will look for vintage MM cartridges like Grace F9-F (Shibata), Stanton CS-100 WOS, Audio-Technica AT-ML170 OFC, Pioneer PC-1000 mk2 or (if you're lucky) Joseph Grado Signature XTZ. Remember that top of the line MM cartridges are mostly from the late 70s or early 80s, look for those with Shibata, Stereohedron or MicroLine styli, today's MM/MI cartridgescan't compete with those vintage gems that i have mentioned above.