Cartridge Upgrade

Recently got back into analogue and bought a Benz Glider SM to be my starter cartridge. Now thinking that it is the weak link in my chain: Basis 2500, Vector 4, Simaudio LP5.3. I wish to go slightly warm as my Magicos can tend to be analytical. Thinking that Sumiko Pearwood celebration II or Ortofon Cadenza Black might be a good next step. Any suggestions?
I've had the Cadenza Back & Bronze predecessors -- Jubilee and Kontrapunkt "c". The Jubilee was not warm in my system; the Benz Wood M2 and "c" were warmer. All the Kontrapunkt/Cadenza Ortofons will have a smoother treble than the Benz at that level, but the Jubilee was a bit tipped up relative to the Kontrapunkts, and I didn't dig it. The Windfeld MC was similar in that sense to the Jubilee, but it was notably better.

I heard a Cadenza Bronze in my system and it was excellent; close to neutral with just a touch of warmth. I preferred my Koetsu Platinum to the Bronze, but the latter was very good.

Were I to choose between the Bronze/Black blind, I'd choose the Bronze just to be safe -- if the Black is similar to the Jubilee then it wouldn't work for me.
Ortofon is a good choice, other high quality MM carts would also be a foil to the analylitic sound, you describe. Maybe even a top of the line Grado would do it.