Cartridge upgrade

I've currently got the following:
B&W 805D
Marantz SR7005 Receiver (setup as pre-amp)
2-Rotel RMB 1090 (bi-amped)
Moon .5 CD Player
Music hall MMF 2.2 le with musichall tracker cartridge and project tonearm. (Turntable has factory tonearm and cartridge)

I'm new to vinyl (9 months) and am considering upgrading my cartridge to a Dynavector 10x5. I guess I want to know if upgrading the cartridge is worth the expense and if so, what will the upgrade I'm considering do?
I enjoy listening to vinyl but it seems a bit lacking in something but I can't place what is missing.
You need a separate phono preamp.
You do not mention any phono pre, so i assume? you must have a phono in the Marantz.
A modern receiver with a phono is using only the cheapest op amp for a phono section!
Buy a real phono preamp and you will get way more from that than any other change.
Clearaudio Nano $350.
Vincent PHO-8 $360 My recommendation.
I agree with the phono-pre suggestion as well, you should hear an immeadiate improvment.
I currently have a Moon phono stage.
Sorry forgot to mention that.
Can the Moon phono accommodate LOMC's? If it can then I would suggest looking in that direction. But there are so many different types, with their individual sound that it would be impossible to recommend something without knowing more about your preferences.

If it cannot, and you generally like the sound of your 10x5 I would suggest looking at a DV 20X-H. It is a nice improvement over the 10x5, and can often be found on here used for a good discount over new. It may be the best HOMC you can buy.
From what my local hi-fi store says, the MMF will support the dynavector 10x5, since I am using the stock cartridge on my MMF will the 10x5 perform better?
Yes, the DV10X5 will be quite a nice improvement over the stock cart you have. Another recommendation would be a Audio Technica AT150MLX.