Cartridge Tracking Force

Does a cartride tracking force over 2 grams cause any damage to our precious vinyl records. I am interest in upgrading to a better cartridge and most of the ones I am interested in track at 2 grams or higher for optimum sonic results.
2 or 3 grams is no problem: I have a Grado that seems to track best at around 2.7
Don't sweat it. Most of the modern stylus shapes have a larger contact area with the groove, spreading the down force over a greater area. What wrecks records is a worn or misaligned stylus or too light a tracking force which allows the stylus to bounce around in the groove.
Agree with above. My DL103 tracks well at 2.75 grams. Just about every cartridge I've ever owned tracks at over 2 grams.
...believe it or not i was always placing the cartridge tracking force without any gauge to measure by the stylus tracking angle.
i now decided to buy the tracking force gauge and set up finally the cartridge tracking force in the appropriate range as instructed and did not get positive results.
my initially set tracking force of >2 grams was better performer than the one set with the gauge 1.5 grams -- what a waiste of bucks.
Marakanetz, it is possible that by tracking your cartrige for a period of time at a heavier tracking force than that designed for the cartridge the suspension, which is analagous to a simple spring, has been compromised just as when one overstretches a spring it does not assume it's original shape. This may cause it to be out of spec at the correct tracking force leading to unacceptable sound quality.
...forgot to mention that the cartridge was relatively brand-new (only 2 hours of playing) after i've acquired tracking force gauge.
and after all i'm still above arround 0.2...0.3grams above the upper suggested limit.

To my Erudite knowledge..., DEPENDS...!
On Summer less...
On Winter a litle more that specificated!


Marakanetz, I suspect that your vta is set to high and when you apply more tracking force this will lower your vta. You should set your tracking force to the recommended weight, and adjust your vta until all the instruments are heard clearly,or come into focus. If your arm does not have adjustable vta then I think you know why you have to track heavy to get better sound. You will not get the magic unless you have both the tracking force and vta right.
Johnnyrw, just wondering what turntable and arm you have, and what cartridges you are considering
You're right Ron, I recently placed spacers between cartridge and arm-shell to increase profile since my VTA was already set on the lowest level.

Now my "sweetest-to-ear" tracking force is 1.63g measured by CartridgeMan.