Cartridge Tonearm matching

Can anyone help, there was a very useful site charting compliance between a wide range of cartridges and tonearms. I had it saved as a favourite, but that went south, when my computer did. I have tried googling it, but can not find it.

Does anyone know a good reference site? I am very happy with my 12" Ortofon 309D tonearm and the matching with my Benz Micro LP. I had back up from an old Koetsu Onyx, really not a good match unfortunately. Pity, as I love the Koetsu sound, I don't care if it's coloured.

If not the site, any advice on cartridges you feel would match well? I use it on a TW Accustic Raven one with a K&K phono stage.

thanks David
I think that this may be what you are looking for
Better yet this will offer the the options that you need .
All this tools are very nice but achilles' heel of frequency calculation is the compliance value. Some manufactures are publishing C values @100 Hz which is useless. Look at this thread, there is a nice calculator which can be used at 100 Hz.
That was'nt the site I remember useing, but it is very useful, thankyou. Perhaps the one I remembered has been taken down.
Moving on to another question. With an Ortofon arm, the other thing to consider, has to be an Ortofon SPU cartridge. Any views on these and which in the line up seems the sweet spot?
I do note they are heavy and tend to have a recomended tracking weight of 3gm, which may suggest some more vinyl wear