Cartridge Tonearm compatability

Any one else out there that have noticed the Jelco SA750 / Denon DL103R synergy ? for relatively little $ there's a match made in heaven.

Good listening

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While I haven't heard my Zu Denon 103R with a Jelco SA750, it sure is working a treat with the Dynavector 501 arm I have it mounted on. Sounds like much money was spent, which only makes it better. I love it when things work out that way.

Jelco 750 and 103R is indeed a great combination-I've been using that combination for about 4 years now.

As Islandmandan points out, a modified 103R with an aluminum body is even better (substantially better actually) and if you take it a step further and have Soundsmith retip the cartridge with a ruby cantilever and line contact stylus you take the cartridge into ridiculously good territory for not much money.

I've used the 103R in clavellin, ebony and aluminum bodies and retipped by Soundsmith.

The aluminum bodies are available on E-Bay out of the UK for about $30-$40 and are a steal. You can then either run the cartridge with the stock stylus or send it to Peter Ledermaan who will pot it as Zu does for $75 and retip it for a further $250-$350 depending on how exotic you want to go with the stylus profile.