Cartridge/tonearm combo for upgraded Linn L12

Hi. As the title states, I need some advice for a great combo to go with this. My musical tastes run the gamut from classical/jazz to folk/roots to rock/alternative. My budget is $2-3K for a used set.

I use a Linn Ittock LV II and a Dynavector 10x5 High out put 2.5mv or for a softer sound a Sumiko Blue Point Special. I originally had the Linn Basic LV x with a K18II cart that worked pretty well also. Good luck
A Blue Point Special would be a brighter sound, IMHO.
If you can find a good used EKOS there should be some available with the EKOS SE out now. And I use a Troika which is no longer made and am saving for a Lyra Helikon or maybe if I can hold out a Skala. My Linn dealer uses the Skala on a couple of his tables that he has on display and they sound awesome. But they are fully loaded Lp12's too.
Ekos/Shelter 90X
Dear Mikes: Other alternative could be a Naim Aro with a good MM/MI cartridge, these kind of cartridges are surprising good!

regards and enjoy the music,