cartridge to use with linn & shindo

currently have an lp12 'table, linn ekos arm, linn akiva mc cartridge, and shindo vosnee-romanee preamp with mc input. i want to plan ahead to replace the cartridge since it is 6 yrs old and used every day.

the default choice is another akiva, but i'm wondering if something else would have more synergy with the shindo preamp.

any suggestions on a top-quality cartridge ($3K - $5K) that will have great synergy with the shindo and also work well in the linn arm?

Dear Timl: I like the Akiva and if you want for a change there are several LOMC alternatives in your price range.

I wonder if you could take a different analog source alternative that is IMHO a first rate one and at least with a quality performance in the same league that any top LOMC, I'm reffering to the humble MM/MI cartridges.

Don't be afraid to try it because its ridiculous very low price or its very modest look, are great performers:

You can buy all for less than 1K but this is not important as is its quality performancwe.

With this analog source alternative you can be nearest to the recording due that the signal cartridge on your Shindo will pass for less stages/veils than a LOMC cartridge and in the other side normally these MM/MI are better trackers and this means lower cartridge signal distortions/noises.
I think you can't loose almost nothing trying this alternative and you can " win " with its quality performance.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Even a Linn K9 would sound better than a 6 year old old Akiva used everyday.
These are the ones I have heard work well w/ Shindo preamps.
Obviously, the Ortofon SPU's, one of which is a standard mount. Just FYI, it's called the Royal N. The EMT's, which you would need the A23 (Denon) High Impedance SUT. I have also heard dealers using Dynavector & Miyabi. I have heard of Shindo preamp owners using both Transfiguration and ZYX. The previous list is more from dealers advice. I use a Koetsu Jade w/ my Monbrison, and prefer it through my A23 (Denon) SUT over the direct MC inputs. All these choices are based on synergy w/ the Shindo, but I cannot speak for your tonearm.
Second the EMT/SUT combo with Shindo preamps. It is a superb pairing with my Shindo Masseto. I have the EMT on my Ayre-DPS TT and could not be more pleased!
I third the EMT/ A23 SUT combo. The JSD5 works very well with my Shindo pre.
Transfiguration Phoenix. Easy to go, uncolored, good output.
I use a zyx universe with my Vosne romance and it works very well with the internal stepup. I would also think the ortofon a90 would be a great match.
Syntax, may I ask what you mean by "easy to go". Have you heard of anyone using a Transfiguration w/ a Shindo pre.
Just curious, Thanks ! Just FYI- I have from one member, and he likes it alot. Perhaps he could chime in.
I hope all this helps. Just FYI- was looking at some carts on
another Shindo dealers site. They carry Shelter carts. Maybe
they have heard them w/ Shindo pre's. Just another thought
to consider when you return from vacation. Cheers !
I have my Transfiquration Temper Supreme mounted on a Basis Vector 1, Nottingham Hyperspace TT. I bought the Vonsne Romanee 12/09. I've being playing it almost constantly since. And now as of the beginning of April I purchased an Auditorium Hommage T1. I thought straight to the V-R was a setup I could live with from now on, and I still do, but I couldn't pass up the deal on the tranny so I went for it. Now my analog set up is in another world! I studied the impedance match up feverously because I knew there were no loading options on the T1 and I was a little apprehensive about it. Now that it's in I feel like I hit a grand slam.
I have all Shindo interconnects and Auditorium 23 speaker cable running a Halcro DM38 stereo amp.