cartridge suggestions w/ LP12

Using LP12 with lingo, trampolin, cirkus, etc... Am getting a new Ekos arm to replace Akito and would like thoughts on cartridges. Now using Benz Micro Glider. Phono stage is ARC PH3 SE and listen mostly to jazz and rock. Love tight,full bass but want very balanced presentation.
Thanks, Scott
How much do you wanna spend?
Actually would like to keep it "reasonable", $2000 range
Go with the Arkiv or the Klyde. I don't see how you could go wrong with either.
Do they have a high enough output?
I like the Lyra Helikon with that table. I also listened to a Koetsu Urushi and a Graham 2.0 arm on that table and it was beutiful. It depend son your taste. The lyra is more realistic, the Koetsu is just beautiful
at your price point, i'd recommend the benz micro h2. yes, it has a high enough output (2.5 mV). have fun -kelly
How much better do you think the Ruby would sound, I believe that there is a good trade in allowance for Benz micro products so I can go higher than "retail" with those
the ruby2 is a BIG step up from the h2 ( the ruby 2 is what i'm presently running). i didn't mention it, tho, because you seem to have issues with output.
There is a Ruby with a .8 mv output(Ruby H) that would be fine as far as output goes. The glider I use now is .9mv and that seems fine. After I buy this cartridge I won't have any pennies left to solder into the phono stage, if you know what I mean!
I had a glider on LP12/lvII, then upgraded to a H20. It was substantially better - definitely smoother, the wood comes through. I'm in the process of replacing that with the H2woodbody, which the guys at musical surroundings say is yet another step up.
I have a similar LP12 set up, incuding the Ekos arm. Hafve used Linn K18 and Klyde. While the Linn cartridges are def. easy to set up on the Ekos/LP12, I am not altogether convinced. My biggest issue is how they track mono or older stereo LP's. The rig is awesome with good audiophile vinyl and most cheap pressings, but I have a lot of problems with some mono LP's (even a couple of JVC MoFi's), and the noise level on some vintage Shaded Dogs and Mercury's is distracting (I use a Linto phono pre, so the gain SHOULD be adequate to the cartridge. BTW, my LP's are scrupulously clean (VPI 17 F) and the cartridge is correctly set up. Net, I am shopping around for a higher output cartidge (the Klyde puts out 0.4 mV) with potentially a different stylus geometry