Cartridge suggestions for Rega P9

I have a new Rega P9 with the RB1000 and I am using a Van den Hul MC10 Special cartridge. I have Naim equipment and was wondering if there are suggestions for a better match of cartridge? I sometimes feel that I am not getting enough out of the current one.
i believe that investment into different phono stage will be more appropriate.
I suggest BAT VK P5 or ARC PH3
How do you like it ? I am thinking of upgrading my p25 (not that there's anything wrong with it now!).

Mike Fremer of Stereophile notes that you should stay with rega cartridges to get the best. Rega's top gun cartridge is the exact. I use the super elys have very good sound. I use the ph-3. My favorite phono stage so far.
John, it's tough to setup different than rega cartridge on the rega tt and rega arm but after the neccessary effort put you get much better result. In your case Dynavector 20XL or 20XH is the best mate to your TT/phono. PH3 is the best with medium output cartridges from .5mV to 1.5mV.

I was also thinking buying Rega p9 after Rega p3/Elys but i've decided to go with bottom of the line Michell(Gyro SE) instead of top of the line Rega. It's up to you which one is to choose. Rega doesn't have such deep as Michell bass and I'm happen to be the bass freak.

I was never impressed from any of the Rega cartridges and consider the top of the line Exact to be a waste. So Smiglass you chould keep VanDenHul MC10 which I know is a great cartridge that can do more with different phono.
I've heard my same model p25 table with the Exact and my ph-3 (I was loaning it to a friend). I could hear that it had a little more clarity and energy. Hard to say if I'd pay the 200 price difference.

My system is a little lightweight sounding with the rega, so more bass would be appreciated. I sure liked that nottingham spacedeck I heard. I believe it had a 20XL cartridge on it. Have you ever heard one of those Teres turntables ? I'm half way considering building one of those.
i have the new p9 and rb-1000 as well. i put a Dynavector xx-2 on it. it is a great combo, but not cheap. check out the tnt review of the xx-2.
In agreement with Marakanetz, Rega carts always left me a little cold. One cart that works great on Rega arms AND Naim pre-amps is the Goldring Excel (retail $1200) if you can find one (discontinued?). Especially for Jazz, Classical, Folk, intimate World Music recordings, etc...

Never heard VDHull. How is that cart on other arms?

The other cart you might try (get ready to laugh your ass off but I'm serious) is the Audio Technica 120e for only $53 thru Garage-a-Records online. Most AT's sound bad on Rega arms but this one rocks! Esp. good w/ rock and high energy jazz (Miles Davis etc...). Also conveys enough dtail & realism to do the other genres as well. Might seem out-of-context at this price point but by the same token you have nothing to lose!
The Denon DL103 will work in the Rega arm and sounds superb. Only around $200. Sounds alot like a Koetsu black. I use one and really like it. Also recommend Shelter 501 or 901, superb carts. The 901 is a contender for one of the best, and costs about $1300.
The low output MM/iron Grado Reference line sound fantastic on the Rega tables. You'll need a spacer ring, but it is cheap and simple to install.
Thanks for the all the replies.
I agree that the Van den Hul MC10 is a very good cartridge and I will probably consider a pre-pre amp.
The P9 with RB1000 is a fantastic sounding TT. Much more detail and more full sound compared to the P3.
I am getting great results with a Benz Micro Glider 2 with my Rega P9.

Has anyone tried either the Sumiko Blackbird or the Ortofon Supreme MC30 on the P9 + RB1000?
I have a new P9 w/ RB 1000 using a BAT PK5 phono stage and VIVA 300B Integrated. I was previously using a Dynavector 20x but last month I upgraded to the Shelter 501. The 501 an awesome cart, sounds perfect with the table and the dynamics are scary. Definitely think hard about purchasing the Shelter. Good Luck.
I have a P9 w/ RB 1000 arm and have been using the Micro Benz LP with amazing results. However I have it running through an Audio Research Reference Phono Preamp wich in itself is amazing.