Cartridge suggestions for Rega 25

I am purchasing a Rega 25 and am looking for a cartridge in the $300-$600 range. I was considering the Grado Sonata until I read about a possible hum due to shielding issues. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Try the Grado anyway.I have been told that the hum problem only happens on 25% of the tables.I am not usr where but you could get a sheet of mu-metal and cut a smaller circle of the stuff for when arm comes near center/motor.I have a Sonata and love it (Have used it on a Planar 3 andnow a VPI Aries).Call Grado and ask how to navigate hum IF you have problem.If not the $350 Clearaudio get's Stereophiles nod.Dynavector has a good line.Used Benz Micro if you want to reach beyond you price point and go used.One thing the Elys has going for it is it has synergy with the Rega table and is very rigid which can be the one word used to describe why your tabel and arm is the winner it is.I think the Elys has the edge in value per $ over the super and I probably would go for something else myself.Really liked the switch from Elys to Sonata on my P3.Call Bes Nivera at Music Direct(1-800-448-8333.He has the goods and the knowledge.Tell 'em Chazz sent 'ya.
dynavector is the way to go if you have a rega table. had the p3/10x4 combo for a while and they love to be matched with one another. i wouldn't risk the grado. for the p25, i'd get the dynavector tha's one model up from the 10x4 (i hink it's called the 20), it's available in low or high output.
Grado synergy with Rega is excellent, I can attest.
The hum is not a big problem.
However, to be on the safe side, you could order one of the 1.5 mv versions, if you have enought phono gain, eliminating the hum issue.
When I bought my 25 I decided not to risk Grado hum. So far I've used both Dyna 10x4 & Benz Micro Ace. Both work well. Neither has the magic midband of the Grados. If pressed, I dont think that I could name a cartridge that makes more musical sense than the Grados. Better tracking or more delicate detail or tighter bottom etc? Sure -lots of them. If you love music, buy the Grado.
Can you handle a .3 mV MC cartridge? If so, you can get a Denon DL-103D, a classic of a few decades back, for $229, and it's NEW. Call Denon USA at 310-974-1010. Some fellow Audiogoner put me and others onto this, and I'm grateful to him. I'm using mine with a Rega 25, and am very happy with it. I've used a Grado with a Rega 3, and did get fairly bad hum near the center of an LP, but am told that in newer 3's, and probably in the 25, that problem is largely cured. But why not get the advantages of MC, at such a low price?
Don't overlook the Rega cartridges, they are extremely musical. And they certainly will not give you any mismatch or hum problems. I would only caution that they can be bright in an already bright system, so your mileage may vary. If not the Regas, I'd certainly vote for any Dynavector you can afford. They are huge bargains sound per dollar.
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Thanks for all of the replies, this is a great site!!
If your phono stage can set to MC input 0.5mV and 100 ohm load, the best midband performance you can achieved.