Cartridge suggestions for around 2K

I am thinking of upgrading my cartridge and would love to hear some of your opinions about which way to go. I am currently using a low output Grado Reference through an ARC Ref. phono pre with Aries/JMW 10. I would like to try a MC, but wonder about loading and output through the ARC as well as compatability with the JMW. I listen to a lot of acoustic music, Rock/Blues etc.

Try these.
In my opinion, on that arm, the ZYX R-100 Fuji would be the best cartridge available for $2k. It is a good compliance match and has incredible sound quality. You would not be disappointed. I feel it exceeds the Lyra Helikon at the same price.
I am using a van den hul black beauty on my VPI TNT MK V/JMW 12.5 combo. The BB is high compliance cartridge and has a .55 mv output, which should be plenty for you.

I think it's a fantastic match. I couldn't be happier with the sound of this set-up. I'm sure I will be using it for years to come. BTW, when I spoke to "Mike" at VPI he said they were using the BB with their TNT HR/JMW 12.5 in demonstrations.

I can't comment on the cart TWL mentions.

The list price for the BB is 4,000, but if you just look through Audiogon, they are sold a much, much less than that.
I have a Shelter 501 MII and to me it sounds better than my old Vandenhull Frog.

Here is a cool site you will like. Discussed are the best cartridges, including the Shelter 501 MII , Shelter 901,
Lyra Helikon, Vandenhull grasshopper, ZYX R-100 Fuji and many more.

This is a must read,it should answer a lot of questions for you, detailed and thorough, I hope it will help you.

Be sure to check out this whole site especially reviewing the reviewers.

Good luck, and very good listening.

Let us know what you finally purchase.

the link doesn't work for me....I can get to the home page, where from there? Thanks
Try this site

I have read this fellow's reviews. IMO he's a very strange man, sort of a zealot. Too many axes to grind to be trusted.
Thanks all for responding. I have heard some good things about Dynavector (the XX-2, DRT, etc.) anyone have any experience with these carts?
Jackcob, yes Mr. SALVATORE is a little different, and that's what makes him special. His site is a must read.

I think he along with his associates hit the mark on a lot of their choices. If you do not trust them, whom do you trust?

Jackcob have you bought your new cartridge yet?

It was this Salvatore guy who got me wandering about new carts in the first place. If nothing else he does make one think a little further into the audio journalism scene and the opinions/views we Audionuts seem to take as gospel. I find him rather refreshing, but still wonder if he's on the level.
Cmo, Salvatore has one perspective, but he has not personally heard that many cartridges. i think his web-site is valuable in that it will make you think for yourself.....which is the best advice.

in my personal cartridge experience i have found that the vdH Colibri XCP is the best cartridge i have heard. it is $6k retail, but can be purchased on audiogon for under $2k. i also have the Koetsu RSP II ($5500 list) and the Clearaudio Insider Gold ($7600 list). i much prefer the XCP to these 2 cartridges as more dynamic, detailed and explosive.

i have spent quite a bit of time with the Helikon and Benz Ruby.....neither of which is competive with the Insider or the Colibri XCP is a few levels better than those.

i also have the Colibri XWG which has a mytlewood body and gold coils, which is slightly less explosive and dynamic than the XCP, which has a polycarbonite body and copper coils. the XCP outputs .85mv and the XWG outputs both will be easy to drive and create a lower noise floor than many other of the better MC's.
Mike is right. Go with it.

I am not in the market for a new cartridge. I'm sticking with the vdh Black Beauty.
Jackcob, what makes you think I was giving you cartridge advice? I was answering CMO cartridge Question. Giving him a site to help him see why TWL suggested the ZYX R-100 Fuji.
which would be my sugestion also.

If I do seek out a used cartridge,how do I judge it's condition? Are there ways to tell how much mileage a cart has or if it has been abused (aside from the cantilever being ripped off)? Thanks all for your insight.
This is a difficult Item to buy used. You are at the mercy of the seller, unless you can inspect the stylus with a lute or something so as to magnify the stylus enough so you can see if it does any wear. If it looks smooth no chips out from the sides, it is good. If you buy one over a distance you must take the sellers word about condition.
I have not had good luck in this but you can find many in good condition, it is hit and miss. A used cartridge will have some wear and it is subjective.

Cmo, your original Question was for a 2K cartridge. The Fugi and the shelter 901 new, are within this price point. Another website;