cartridge suggestions

Adcom Amps 555 pre and 545 power. Scout table. My 3 questions are new or used cartridge? What for under 700. Lastly use my phono stage or can I do better with a phono amp to a line?
Thank You David
i don't love the 555/545, but i think its ok. the phono stage should be ok too. used to have 545 power, so i remember the general signature. probably want a cartridge thats punchy and on the warm side of neutral. nagaoka mp11 for 100 bucks an old school choice that will work well with the adcom sound and scout JMW arm. for a smoothie, one of the cheaper benzs (like mc silver) very good. i'm not sure the absolute quality of the adcom phono pre, so i would prob stick to an MM or high output MC solution. i am running a denon 110 highish output MC, but that may be too thin on your rig. if it was me... i'd put the nagaoka on it since its only a 100 bucks. if it doesnt work, you can sell it here. hell, i'll be a standing 50 buck support bid for it provided you don't F up the needle during install/destall.