Cartridge suggestions.

Have a PBN Groovemaster turntable with SME 312s arm with a BAT VKP 10SE phonostage and am looking for a cartridge that will let me hear all the breathing a singer takes in and all the air around the cymbals. Want the musicians or the singers to have the proper size and its most important for bass to be tight and have good detail, above all clarity is my biggest concern. Budget not to exceed $8400. Currently have a benz micro LPS all comments are greatly appreciated.
Zyx Universe I can do that and should be available for a good price. It is also very uncritical To Arms.
Lyra Delos is also a serious cart, independent from price.
Hi, I used to own your BAT VKP10SE with a SME 20/2 SME IV.Vi arm. I was using a Lyra Skala at the time. I auditioned a Nagra VPS/VFS and bought it. The transparency from the midrange through the top end was better and the bass had more definition along with a zillion colors/textures throughout out. The BAT did win on the weight on each note.

You have a great arm (I have a few friends that use it) and while I haven't heard the Benz, it has GREAT comments.

You might want to check out a phono stage...I do know BAT also has a newer model...that could be a option to consider also.

Finally, what arm cable are you using off your SME 312s? Is a XLR version for your BAT? The BAT does sound better with a balanced tonearm cable...and a good arm cable in crucial in your setup...
To your point, the Transfiguration Proteus will do all you desire based on your post. Provided of course cartridge set up is spot on, your TT/Arm and phono stage are up to it, you have all sitting on a very good platform, and your phono stage has enough gain to support the Proteus's .2mv output. Easy huh?
Jfrech thanks for your comments am using a balanced connection. Will try to demo the Nagra ASAP.
Yes the BAT has plenty of gain to support that cartridge will try to get a demo thanks for your input.

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Pass Labs XA160.5
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You have a great system...I'd try a few phono preamps...what you're missing maybe in the phono stage based on your descriptors...any my experience with the VKP10SE vs the Nagra.

On your list, I'd put"

Nagra VPS/VFS (VFS add on a must)
ARC Ref 2
Boulder 1008 (since you have XLR input might really like this one, I almost bought this stage - but had to switch cables to...)
Allnic H3000

I bet I am missing a few...just listing the ones I have heard and enjoy...

If want to stick with the cartridge route...The Lyra's are what I use and should help you on your criteria also...