Cartridge suggestion for Triplanar w/1:10/1:20 SUT


I'm thinking about a new cartridge for my Triplanar VII/Merrill Williams 101.2. I'd like to continue to use my Bob's Devices 1:10/1:20 SUT. I currently have an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze which I find to be a bit mellow for my taste. I'm thinking of maybe a Cadenza Black, Lyra Kleos, or Transfiguration Phoenix S. Any thoughts or other suggestions?

Oh yeah also considering an EMT JSD 6. I had an tsd15 for years that I loved but never had it on the Triplanar.
I don't know about the EMT but the other three cartridges will work fine!
I really like my transfiguration proteus.  It is mounted on a vector 4 tonearm/basis 2200 table driving an allnic H3000.  I had an Ortfon Jubliee before and felt the same as you, a little laid back but nice.  I have heard the bronze many times at shows and it is a worthy performer.

Thanks guys. I ended up with the EMT. Kind of a wild card but I've wanted to give one a shot for a long time. If it doesn't work out I have a Schick tonearm on another table that I know it will work well with.