Cartridge Suggestion for Scoutmaster / JMW-9 Sig.

What would you suggest for a low-output MC cartridge to use with the Scoutmaster / JMW-9 Signature tonearm that will be compatible with the built-in phono stage on my Linn Majik Kontrol pre-amp.

Phono Stage specs:
Gain => 64dB
Input Impedance => 108 ohms
Input Voltage => 5.0 mV peak
The Dynavector DV-20XL works well in the JMW-9 arm and it won't break the bank.
I'll second the Dynavector. Great match & great price for an overperforming cartridge
I've been using a Benz H at first which was absolutely wonderful, and now an LP with my Superscoutmaster/JMW 9 Sig. The LP is breaking in so I can't attest to how it will fineally sound, however, the H made me smile and wow. It was so musical it drew me in bypassing the high fidelity aspect of it. My wife would stop what she was doing in another room to come in listen.
I'm using an Ortofon Jubilee with my Scoutmaster JMW9 Sig right now. I like it very much.
Im using a Dynavector K17D MK3 with my Scoutmaster Signature arm. Very musical combination and a clear step up from the K17D MK2. And best of all the MK3 is a great buy.
Lyra Dorian or Argo i

Exellent carts!
At 64 dB gain you could get away with a low output ZYX airy3. I had this combo for awhile with the sig 9 arm. A fine match. Mabe the ZYX is a bit more than you care to spend though but if you do go that route, its important to get the silver base version when using the vpi arm.

good luck
Koetsu black
Dynavector 17D3