? cartridge should match vintage marantz reciever

I have a Marantz 2325 reciever in great condition. When I play FM it sounds terrific but vinal sounds dull and lifeless. Im using a top of the line new shure. My question is how match the cart. to the needs of the phono stage in the Marantz. Thanks
I think it is the way your cart is on the arm.
I raised the platter with an extra mat and the whole sound is better!
VTA is important. Even if you don't/can't set it.
If your table has an arm that is significantly angled down when playing a record, you should try an additional mat to raise the LP and arm to near parallel when playing a LP.
Its free... (Even trying a circle of cardboard could let you know if it is the problem.
Also, clean the RCA connections on the back of the receiver.
Thanks for the response. I'll try setting the cart. up from scratch again.
Top of the line Shure doesn't probably have enough output for your receiver's phonostage. OR contrary your phonostage is designed for MC cartridge while you have MM cartridge.
Budget Solution to your first problem:
Since you've already paid big bucks and don't want to loose them you should acquire an outboard phonostage with higher gain. Sumiko phonobox or Nad PP1 comes onto mind and will straighten your problem.
Solution to the second:
Replace an input resistor(physically remove and place different load with soldering iron) or if adjustable adjust load resistance to 47kOhms. Inspect inside and outside the box if such could be adjusted via switch.
Your 2325 is an awesome receiver- with it's warm buttery sound the Shure should be quite the match for it.

I certainly agree with Elizabeth and would give her ideas a try.

Once you get the combination dialed in you are assuredly in for a treat, sitting back with pretty blue lights and great sound!

Let us know how it turns out--


The idea that it is the wrong gain could be. BUT: if you are turning the volume control about the same for the phono and the tuner, then that is NOT the problem. If the volume control is nearly all the way up, for comparable volume to the FM, then your PHONO section may have a problem. If the volume control is much less for the same volume, then you got a setup for MC in there and too much gain.
One other possibility, silly but: you MUST connect the phono RCA to the PHONO input. If you stick it in any other, the RIAA is not present, nor is the extra gain from the phono section, and your cart will sound dull and lifeless!! (I assume you KNOW that, but am telling it just in case.)
Finally, how LONG are the cables from the TT to the phono input? over 2 meters, and that may be your problem.
Having owned many vintage Marantz receivers in the past coupled with the Shure, Stanton, and Grace cartridges of the day I doubt there would be a mismatch with your 2325.

I spent a little time looking for specs on the phono stage for the 2325 but was unable to come up with any numbers, also I don't know which Shure you are using.

I do know that there are some really fantastic Marantz afficionados out there-- Ben Blish being one of them, here is a link to his website-- http://www.classic-audio.com/marantz/2325.html Maybe an E-mail to him will bring some answers.

As far as techs go Mike Zuccaro really knows vintage Marantz and does outstanding work. Perhaps a call to him would help. A google search for him will get you to his website. (He is based out of San Diego) Zuccaro did a great job on my Marantz 150!

Although I have moved to SET monoblocks, I guess it is easy to see that I have a real place in my heart for vintage Marantz!


Your Shure should work just fine with the 2325 (I'm assuming it's in good shape). If you do not get better results by experimenting with the Height of the tone arm (VTA), or set up of the cartridge as your turntable allows...then I would suspect the phono stage of the Marantz..The 2325 is a great receiver but its well over 20 yrs. old and this phono stage has been known to have leaking transistors and capacitors. I have repaired several. Try cleaning connections too.. good luck