Cartridge Setup.

I recently accquired a Technics 1200 turntable from a retired dj that I'd like to use just for my own listening pleasure, and am going to get a new cartridge (Grado probably). Just wondering how hard it will be to set it up properly considering I know nothing about this sort of thing. I mean, can I do it correctly myself?
Sure you can. When selecting a cartridge for it make sure you match the cartridge compliance with the effective mass of the tone arm. Also check out (from other users) whether or not the magnetic field from the motor is sufficiently shielded to avoid hum from the Grado (if you select that cartridge) as they are notorious for their humming under less than ideal circumstances. There is a ton of info available regarding set up - you'll need a few tools to measure cartridge alignment, including a level to measure VTA and a guage to measure VTF. Its a time consuming process, but its not really difficult, just takes patience. Have fun.