Cartridge selection for Triangle Art turntable

I have recently picked up a TriangleArt table and have fitted it with an Origin Live Conquerer 9" arm. Currently I have a Dynavector 20x2 high output with less than 250 hours on it. I am using my first post here to seek guidance into what would be a great pairing to go with this setup. The rest of the setup includes Pass Labs X pre, Xono phono stage, and Carver Tube 400wpc monoblocks...

thanks for the suggestions.

Hi John, You should contact triangle art they offer two excellent cartridges, I am using their Apollo with the signature table and Osiris arm with wonderful results.
Thank you sir for your reply... I just missed a C/A Goldfinger v2 for a price that could have got me some prison time. Any opinion on the Einstein pickup?
This is a late response but, sps55 is correct. You should check out the TA Cartridges.