cartridge screws

Just got a new tonearm and none of the cartridge screws I have are long enough to hold my cartridges in place.

Anybody else find that cartridge screws are often too short for some reason?


hate when that happens. or you get cart without screws, or lose em or want less/more weight..the answer

bought a hundred lot of each  length/washers/nuts. won,t run out now :)


Sure did - I had to get a pack of screws of many lengths, some of which I knew were not right. I got them on E-bay...not much at all. I got the ones with Allen wrench heads which guarantee no screwdriver slip creating a gauge in the arm.
If you have an ACE near you, they usually have a great assortment and also a lot of firearm stores will have very small screws for scope rails and rings. You should take the screws you have with you as these normally don't use nuts. So you may have to use the nuts you have and will need to match thread size and pitch.
These are what I bought several sets of:

2nd to ACE. all sizes of nuts bolts are there!