Cartridge replacement question.

Well, it finally happened. I ripped the entire cantilever assembly off my Vandenhul MC1. I guess one such accident after 22 years in this hobby is not bad; especially if you're playing the cartridge "nude". I use two different arm/cartridge setups on my VPI HW19 MkIV; tweaked out ETII with Monster AG2000, or Syrinx PU3 with what was a Vdhul MC1 that I had rebuilt a couple of years ago.
I would appreciate opinions on wether the money spent to rebuild the MC1 again, might not be better spent on a new and different cartridge. I would like to keep the cost to no more than $1000 and ideally no more than what the rebuild would cost; $600+/- ? I have used Grados (TLZ,XTC) and while I have absolutely loved many of the things they did well, with my all tube system, they were a little too much of a good thing. The greater detail and tautness of the MC1 won out. Thanks in advance and I look forward to your comments.
Among the few I've heard, I can suggest Benz Glider - Clearaudio Victory - Sumiko (next in line after the Blue Point, I think), for sonic similararity with MC1. Pls note, however, that I tried these on a Zarathustra/Pluto -- which limits my experience...
Must be many others @ $+600...
Good luck!
vanden hul will rebuld for apox 500 with about 3-6 weeks down time. mike