Cartridge recs for VPI JMW arm Please

Hello all. I've recently decided to make a small jump into analog and have everything but a cartridge. I have an upgraded VPI Aries TT, JMW12 tonearm, BAT VK-5P phono pre. I'm looking for a couple of good recommendations for cartridges for this set-up. Budget is $1-2k new. I currently have a Crown Jewel SE that a friend will let me demo, but I'm concerned that the JMW12 may be too heavy for it. Please let me know if you think this cartridge will work as he will give it to me for dirt cheap.
I have a VPI Aries w/TNT parts and 10" JMW. I have been using a Benz Ruby 2H for a year. Musical and enjoyable. I think the combination works very well. Phono stage is an Aesthetix Io.

I also own a Lyra Helikon, but I have not had the opportunity to mount it. As I understand VPI is offering the Helikon as an option pre-mounted on the JMW. This should also be a good match. I would call Mike at VPI and he could fill you in on the Helikon/JMW combo.
Thanks Rmaurin. I actually also have an Aesthetix Io, but have it up for sale because I thought it might be too much for this table. Do you find that the Aries/JMW takes full advantage of the Io?
Metaphysics, the Io takes full advantage of what ever arm/table/cartridge you pair with it. If you have already gotten the Io why sell it. It is an excellent phono stage.
Bamafan: I currently own both an Aestetix Io and a BAT VKP5. They sell for a difference of about $2k on the used market. Since the BAT is no slouch, I was thinking that I could put the additional $2k into a better cartridge and some other system upgrades.
My advice is to keep the IO and mount the CJ!! While the Aries/JMW12/Crown Jewel is not in the same league *ultimately* as the IO, it is no slouch! The IO will allow you to hear your setup at it's FULL potential. BTW, I don't believe that a 12" arm obviates the use of a given cartridge based on it's increased mass over a 10" one - The Crown Jewel cartridge should work with the JMW12. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but a 12" arm gives *geometric* advantages over a 10" arm in terms of being closer to the angle at which the groove was cut. The setup and balance of the arm negates the increased mass. Mount it up and give a listen! I'd say that the result should be rewarding. Plus you'll have a state-of-the-art phono stage should you decide to go with a "super table" in a few years - not to mention all that cash left over for LPs! Cheers, -John
Metaphysics: I have not had the opportunity to listen to the Io with anything other than my Aries. So, I do not know if it is taking full advantage of it or not. All I can say is that the Aries/JMW and Io make an awesome combination.
RMaurin: You're convincing me to take the Io off the market. Everyone else: Any more cartridge recs???
With what line stage are you using the IO? I have heard it sound best driving mono SETs direct; expensively mediocre fronting numerous impedance-challenged, journal-endorsed excuses for a preamplifier.
Khrys, I have a BAT VK-50SE pre with BAT VK-500 driving Dynaudio Confidence 5s. My Io doesn't have volume control and I also frequently use my SF T3/P3 digital front end so I'd like to keep my pre. Not sure if the VK-50SE falls under your description, but I love it with my digital!