Cartridge recommendations VPI Scoutmaster

I am looking for cartridge recommendations for a VPI Scoutmaster/Joule Electra/Merlin VSM Mx system. I have been out of vinyl for many years....and so am really a novice again in this area. I listen mostly to Jazz and Classical and some rock. I am looking at both new and used cartridges. Any guidance would be appreciated.
I ahve a Scout with Scoutmaster platter and motor, and use a Dynavector XX-2 mk2. Very sweet cartridge.
If you want a stabil and calm presentation the Grado Statement is a good match, tracking is superb. But if you want more dynamics and resolution Benz LP is a very good match.

The best tonality would be the Kuzma KC3, but it lacks a litle bit of dynamic if you compare the Benz LP, but it's more dynamic than Grado Statement.
I've had a lot of great years with Dynavector/VPI together, but the Shelter 501 mk2 is in another league for transparency at the cost of dynamics. I find it more musical.

Koetsu Rosewood Standard and Grado Reference cartridges should be arriving soon, too.
Ghunter, any concerns on the compliance of the Koetsu with the JMW arm? I was curious about a Koetsu with my JMW9-Sig but was under the impression that the low compliance might be an isuue?
Honestly, I didn't look into that beforehand. In doing some research now it seems like the Koetsu is Medium-Low and not low. VPI recommends a cartridge with a compliance over 10, and I think the Koetsu cartridges are still in this range.

I will definitely research this more before even opening the package. Thanks!