Cartridge recommendations for Wilson Benesch rig ?

Thinking of upgrading my cartridge. I own a Wilson Benesch ACT One TT with the ACT Two tonearm. My phono pre is the Wilson Benesch model that is built-into the table plynth.
Currently own Grado Sonata and Wilson Hybrid. Both came with the table when bought it a few years ago. It's currently setup with the Wilson Hybrid which I prefer to the Grado. Found the Grado to exhibit some hum and felt it was too bloated in the bass. Since I'm not sure how many hours were on the Hybrid when I got it I'm thinking it may be getting a little long in the tooth.

The Hybrid for those that don't know has a carbon fiber body built around a Benz Glider. I'd like to keep the cost under $1K for a new cartridge. Also what's the verdict on buying used cartrides on Audiogon? Seems like one area of gear I'd be leery of buying used.

I've heard and read good things about the Ortofon Kontrapunkt B and the Clearaudio Virtouso Wood. Also both
were recommended to me by the Needle Doctor folks, who are located in Minneapolis( where I from). I'm open to these and any other suggestions. My music tastes range from classic rock and blues, to jazz (especially hardbop era).
I listen to very little classical on vinyl.
Dear Cpine: The Ortofon is a very good performer. It will be interesting that you can look to the Transfiguration Spirit3 and the Sumiko Celebration, both great cartridges too. ( btw, very good analog rig what you own. )

About, **** " buying used cartrides on Audiogon? " ****,

I have experience on this issue and it works very well, you can buy with confidence.

Regards and enjoy the music.