Cartridge recommendations for Rega RB 1000

Am currently running a Gyro SE with HR power supply, RB 300 arm and Sumiko Bluepoint 2 cartridge. The rest of the system comprises : Phd Sutherland phono stage, CJ CT 5 pre, CJ LP70S power, Musical Fidelity KW 25 dac/trpt.,Quad 2905 speakers, with all Cardas Gold Reference cabling, Transparent power chords etc
Would greatly appreciate comments/advice regd. the RB 1000 arm with recommendations for a compatible cartridge. Am inclined largely on the basis of reviews/ advise from friends towards a Ortofon Kontrapunkt B, or Koetsu Black or maybe a Lyra Helikon. There is no way that I will get to audition any of the cartridges prior to purchase. Hence, the advice/views of A'goners is deeply appreciated.
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II have an Ortofon B set-up on my P9/RB 1000 and it sounds marvellous to my ears. Problem is I have not used anything else with it so I have no valid point of comparison.
Also, check out the replacement counterweight selling from Audiogon seller, Gregory_kerry
It made my Rega RB300 tonearm into a real music maker. Night and day difference.
It fits on the RB1000, also.
i am not familar with the RB1000 but I love the ZYX airy3 and used it on a RB300 and Gyro SE. I used a Van Den Hul frog before that and the airy3 was a significant improvement in my opinion. Not that the frog was a bad cartridge, but the airy is a great moderately priced cartridge
Many thanks for the response and all the suggestions. Need to figure out if and how a RB1000 can be mounted on the armboard supplied for the RB300.I am not sure but I guess I need to get 3 holes drilled to screw down the 3 point fitting of the tonearm to the arm band. Fortunately the armband on the RB 1000 is the same sixe as the RB300 ie 23mm. I wish I had a dealer who would do this !!
Contact Michell USA

Michell makes an updated rega armboard that takes the new 3 point mounting system.
Do you have the rb1000 or not yet?I say his because I am convinced that the armband diameter of the rb1000 is larger than the rb300.I do not own a rb300 but have the rb1000 .Mine is not being used at the moment .I remember the dealer saying something to me at the time of purchase.That was a while ago though.I like to hear suggestions about a suitable cartridge .
I'm surprised you're not considering Michell's own Techno Arm.
Many thanks for all the comments/advise. Have figured out that I need a new arm band which I have ordered along with a RB1000 from analogue seduction in UK.
Did consider the Techno arm. Its basically a moded RB 250/300. The RB 1000 is an update to the now discontinued RB900.A friend has the Gyro with the RB900 and is immensely happy.The the bulk of my audio decisions are based on friendly advice given the limited choices/brands available in my part of the world.
Sounds like your off and running. enjoy!
Almost up and running...not so sure about the enjoying part coz of lots of little hic ups on this path, but more of that in another thread