Cartridge Recommendations for my Lp12

Hi people, I am building an LP12 for myself & need some advice. My LP12 S/N 65572 has reinforced corners on plinth, Cirkus Bearing, Cetech Sub-chassis, Mose/Hercules II PSU, Trampolin I, updated SS top plate with wielded bolt by the motor, Ekos II TA, latest 5 core armboard and T-Kable so far. I don't have a cartridge & I am really hesitant to spend big bucks on a Linn Akiva if there is anything better for less money. My amp is a Sugden A48 Mk III, with MM phono stage. My speakers are Spica TC 50s. I am considering replacement of the Amp and also considering the purchase of a high-end MM/MC phono preamp. Except for the TT, I am the original (first) owner of the above equipment. Suggestions on cartridges, phono preamps, even great pre & power amps would be greatfully appreciated. FYI, considering the likes of Bryston, Conrad Johnson, Jadis, and possibly Manley so far. I have ruled-out Sugden and am beginning to rule out Linn because after 2 weeks, neither firm has responded to my request for product recommendations or upgrade paths. My assumption is that if they fail to respond, then this is what I can expect if I have a major issue. For instance, my Sugden was defective when new, the retailer went bankrupt a month after I got it and it eventually cost me over $480 to have over a dozen cold solder joints repaired although still under warranty. I am only interested in products you know from experience the factory stands behind and will be there to help me. I don't mind paying for what I get, including service, but I just don't want to be left out in the cold like Sugden did to me. Thanks guys and gals, Rick
Hello Rick, what is your LP12 sitting on? The tramoplin is for use on a heavy piece of furniture like a big wall unit. if not, it sounds a bit soft.
It is sitting on top of a solid oak audio tower with 5 shelves. The feet are pointed picks, which are on a solid 2 inch thick piece of White Ash. The whole thing sits on top of a Red Oak (3/4 inch thick) floating floor over top of concrete, separated by a foam moisture barrier.

To be honest, I just got the LP12 turntable and am in the process of upgrading it. It will be replacing an old Dual Turntable with its original Shure M75ED Type 2 cartridge which regularly received new styluses. FYI, the present stylus on the Dual has about 3 to 4 hours use on it. The prior owner of the LP12 had removed the Lingo PSU and the Ittok LV III TA prior to listing it for sale. I upgraded to the Ekos plus T-Kable, acquired the Mose PSU and am installing to the Cetech. The Cirkus and everything-else were upgrades done by the prior owner.
I am about to change out my Lyra Dorian for an Akiva. I'll post back with my findings, but I can say this... I like the Dorian quite a bit more than the Linn Arkiv it replaced. That may not be a fair comparison, though... because the Arkiv had a lot of hours and years on it.

The Lyra is very detailed but can really belt out some fast, deep bass. It is a very powerful sound. Really I was perfectly content with it until I got a deal I couldn't pass up on an Akiva.

The Ekos doesn't have a whole lot of room at the headshell, so be careful with your choice. The distance between the stylus and the back of Lyra cartriges is short compared to some other carts out there (such as Shelter), so it fits the tonearm easily.
I finally broke-down and agreed to buy a Linn Akiva cartridge today. Hated to spend that kind of money but there didn't seem to be too many choices.