Cartridge recommendations for JMW 10 arm ?

Just upgraded from Thorens to VPI HW19 MkIII with a JMW 10 arm. Looking for a cartridge in the $ 300 to $ 400 range. Any ideas? Music is Classical and Jazz. Will be using the EAR 834p in a few months.
If you find used Dynavector 20XL you'll be in your budget range. If you will not you'll just have to add another $100.
...used new model of Benz Glider(preferably low-output version)or just buy it new for $550 from Hong Kong.
Mike at VPI told me this arm (which I have) is optimized for medium-to-high mass moving coils (which is why I've been having some tracking/warp problems with my Grado Reference). Despite the minor problems, it's a great arm. Enjoy it, and especially the music.
What I meant to say is that the JMW arm's mass is optimized for MCs, but mayber I better quit while i'm behind.
The Clear Audio Aurum Beta S mates well.