Cartridge Recommendations

I would appreciate any recommendations for a phono cartridge around $300.00 to 750.00.
I presently have a Pro-Ject 1-xpression lll TT, Sumiko Blue Point #2 cartridge (ready for retirement). a Speed Box 2 and Kimber TAK CU cable. I mostly listen to classical music with an emphasis on opera.  
Thank you,
Try Victor X-1IIe with Titanium Pipe Cantilever on your turntable.
Audio-Technica AT-ML150 OCC (with Beryllim cantilever and Gold-Plated MicroLine tip) is another great option. Both carts are MM and both are mid compliance. Exactly in your price range. A friend is using high compliance Stanton 881s mkII on his pro-ject after reading this article. Compared to the stock Ortofon, that was mounted on his pro-ject TT, this vintage Stanton rules. I prefer Audio-Technica, probably best value, super high-tech materials (stylus, cantilever, coil wire etc), great sound! You can't go wrong with mid compliance carts for your tonearm. 
Thanks for the recommendations .
I will try to listen to the Hana. 
I'm not sure about vintage cartridges, so chakster is there a new AudioTechnica that you would recommend.
Brad, the link is very helpful. Thanks.
Just heard a Nagaoka MP-200 that I thought was excellent. Any owners that wish to share findings? 
You can't go wrong with the Hana. They make superb cartridges. Also, the AT VM760 is s fine choice.