Cartridge recommendations

Hi, I have a Thorens TD124 that was sent to Schopper in Switzerland and has every upgrade available that Schopper can do to this turntable including motor upgrade and service, upgraded platters, Schopper chassis plinth and Schopper decoupled armboard etc etc etc; I recently purchased an SME V tonearm for it. As you can see, I have spared no expense to this point; My last step is to pick a suitable cartridge; Looking for recommendations. My first turntable; Thank you.
I will be using the phono stage from a McIntosh c1000; Budget is probably up to $5000. Thanks for input. Mark
Take a good look at the Lyra Kleos or Kleos SL cartridges.  I just bought the standard version and really love it.  Great reviews all around on this cartridge so read them and determine if it's the right direction for you.  I previously owned a Lyra Delos and a Kiseki Purple Heart, both of which are excellent cartridges, but the Kleos is as good as I've ever heard.  Mine is mounted to a SME IV tonearm so a Kleos should play nicely with your V tonearm.  
I am a recent fan of SoundSmith carts.  The sussuro is a great match for your tonearm
+1 on getting a cart that is known to be happy in a medium mass arm. The V , no matter how good it is, is not the right arm for carts that need higher mass. I sell a line of mc carts that are quite heavy/low compliance and have seen this firsthand. A cart that is gorgeous on the right arm turns into a whiny complainer on the wrong one.