cartridge recommendations?

well, my daughter started walking about a month ago, which signaled that it was time to get the turntable up on a higher piece of furniture. sadly, I didn't get on that fast enough, and i've now a cartridge with no stylus.

so, i'm looking to get a new cartridge and wanted some suggestions. my setup is:
Music Hall MMF 5
Forte F40 with onboard phono card
Monarch SM-70
Totem Arro

I currently have a Benz Micro MC20E2 (without stylus!). I liked this cart.

I know the current entry level offerings from Benz are a bit higher. So even with retip/excange discount option on the Benz, I think might be wanting to spend a little less. I'd be comfortable spending around $200 or less. I'm open to a used cartridge, as I've had good luck with that in the past. I've mostly had higher output MC or MM cartridges in the past, though I'm open to lower output MC I think my Forte can handle lower output levels. I don't recall the full scope of the range it can do.

Some other options I could go down I also have an older model Grado , i think its a G+ or G1+ that's in need of a new stylus, which I think is the Gold Stylus. I've never been sure if its worth it to pop a new stylus on this so have always let it sit around. I also have a Clearaudio Aurum Beta wood body cartridge (whatever their entry model used to be) which also has a busted stylus. I could possibly use that for a retip/exchange discount maybe? Thoug with both the Clearaudio and my Benz, i think they don't make those models anymore so not even sure a retip discount is possible.

thanks for any tips and ideas!
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You may be able to find a good used DV10x5. Its a great all around cart that will work with just about anything.