Cartridge recommendation please...

Jettisoned most of my record albums 20 years ago, but am considering a return to vinyl. I've dusted off my old but fully operational TT and would like to mount a new MM cartridge.

Technics SL-1300 Direct Drive turntable
The TT would be mated to a Parasound 200 Pre, with a Parasound 2125v2 amp.
Speakers are PSB Silver i's, with an occasional switch to Vandersteen 1's for variety.
No current plan to add a separate phono preamp.

Jazz, classic soul/r&b, light rock is my preferred type of music.
I'm OK to trade some bass for better vocals and higher end clarity.
As my A'gon name suggests, I do not listen at elevated levels.

The SL-1300 currently has an equally old AudioTechnica cartridge (no obvious markings).
I'd like to target a cartridge in the $300 neighborhood.
Will get an additional headshell for whatever cartridge is purchased.
Any cautions for install, or brands to exclude?
If I've done it correctly, here's a link to the TT owners' manual.

I can certainly get recommendations from local retailers, though their choices would be for cartridge brands that they carry. My preference is to use the experience of... and hear from... the wider audience reading this post. Thanks much!
Look for Pickering XSV/3000 or XSV/3000SP cartridges for your tonearm, they are absolutely amazing for the money (between $300-450 for NOS if you are lucky). Pickering with higher number like XSV/4000 or 5000 are even better (but for double price). They are all comes with Stereohedron stylus tip (life span is over 1000 hrs). 
The problem (and it's a serious one) is buying NOS replacement styli for those great old MM cartridges. Because they all eventually wear out and need replacement! Those Pickering/Stanton Stereohedron styli are going to be particularly difficult to replace! Same for the Shure V15 series, and the Empires.
I have all of the above cartridges in my collection. Including a brand-new-in-box Shure V15 mkV MR (which I'm so far saving for posterity).
I just hauled out my old turntable as well.  I set up a independent system with a Project Xpression table, Ortofon OM Super 20e cartridge, Bellari 129 and Sennheiser 580 phones.  Am listening right now and am amazed at how much enjoyment I am getting from this gear I just had going unused!  Very thankful I saved most all the LP's of my youth.  

Regarding your question.  I have owned several Ortofon MM's over the years.  To my ear they seem neutral and balanced.  When my elliptical stylus becomes worn I would be tempted to upgrade to the om 30 stylus.  Another cartridge slightly above your range I have heard good things about is the  Audio-Technica VM750SH.  I would be curious if other members could comment on that cartridge, especially relative to my older model Ortofon.  

The mass of your arm is probably a bit higher so would also be mindful of compliance issues (a very high compliance cartridge would result in a too low resonant frequency).  Would also welcome others thoughts on this issue in practical terms as well.

pickering's published specs say life 250-300 hours for their stereohedron stylus which is more in keeping with other specs, it is an 'advanced elliptical' in my opinion.

conical: 150 hrs; elliptical 250 hrs; shibata/line contact 400hrs; SAS micro linear 500 hrs.


My Shure V15VxMR body, I ordered a Jico SAS on boron, there are several replacement options

lpgear has many options, including a line contact stylus for the Pickering Cartridges

and lp gear sells the Jico's and others for the Shure bodies