Cartridge recommendation please...

Jettisoned most of my record albums 20 years ago, but am considering a return to vinyl. I've dusted off my old but fully operational TT and would like to mount a new MM cartridge.

Technics SL-1300 Direct Drive turntable
The TT would be mated to a Parasound 200 Pre, with a Parasound 2125v2 amp.
Speakers are PSB Silver i's, with an occasional switch to Vandersteen 1's for variety.
No current plan to add a separate phono preamp.

Jazz, classic soul/r&b, light rock is my preferred type of music.
I'm OK to trade some bass for better vocals and higher end clarity.
As my A'gon name suggests, I do not listen at elevated levels.

The SL-1300 currently has an equally old AudioTechnica cartridge (no obvious markings).
I'd like to target a cartridge in the $300 neighborhood.
Will get an additional headshell for whatever cartridge is purchased.
Any cautions for install, or brands to exclude?
If I've done it correctly, here's a link to the TT owners' manual.

I can certainly get recommendations from local retailers, though their choices would be for cartridge brands that they carry. My preference is to use the experience of... and hear from... the wider audience reading this post. Thanks much!
Your Options on MM Cartridges is very Broad and will not be too financially unsettling to get on Board once more.

I have been away from using a MM for too many years to recommend one.
I do have MM's and a High Output MC in storage, that I intend on using throughtout the Winter Months on my New Phonostage to see how they deliver.

My main reason for adding the post is to suggest you take a bit of time to prepare your Vinyl for the return into listening to them.
There are many methods available to be used to give then a Clean.
I would suggest selecting Ten Lp's as a Sample and give to them a Clean, with a few receiving a Basic Clean and others receiving  a More Invasive Clean with a Solution of choice and a Stiff Bristle Goat Hair Brush' 
The return to the Vinyl System will be better to be assessed for its value if .the Hard Media is able to present at it best.      
A Grado MI (moving-iron) is an easy recommendation! The advantage over MM-types is immunity from cable and input stage capacitance. Prices range from under $100 to five-figures. A wood-body Grado Sonata (I have one) for about $300 would be a good choice! Unless you prefer to spend less on the various Black models ($79 and up).
Add a bottle of liquid stylus-cleaner and a bottle of Stylast (extends diamond life). Anybody serious about record care should own these two!