Cartridge recommendation for Yamaha PF-1000

Not too long ago I picked up a very nice condition Yamaha PF-1000, sans cart.

I'm debating what cart to mount. The arm is that proprietary
Yamaha twin-tube design, which seems to be a medium-mass design.

My system is a Pro-Ject Phonobox IISE (which can run both mm and mc) to a modified onix SP3 and Salk Songtowers.

I listen mostly to indie rock, jazz, and world music.

I was thinking about getting a Denon DL304, b/c I was curious about jumping into mc carts, but I was wondering if you guys had any other suggestions up to around the $400 category (new or used).

I do have another table, a B&O Beogram 4004 with Soundsmith SMMC20CL, so I was hoping to find something with a different sort of sound...

Thanks in advance!