Cartridge Recommendation for VPI Prime

Hello all and thanks in advance for your input.  My setup includes a VPI Prime, Soundsmith Zephyr MK111 and manley chinook updated with Phililps PCC88 tubes.    I am connected to an old Kenwood integrated KA9100 to elac debut bookshelf speakers for my office.   (i will be upgrading amp/speakers next year when i transition everything to a dedicated music room).   i feel that the soundsmith is missing something.   it tracks really well and is very quiet, but it is a bit lacking in the highs/mids.  i have adjusted the VTA on the VPI and although the quality improved, the result is just not as crisp and detailed as i prefer.   bass presents well, but not as impactful as i would like it to.   i've just double checked my alignment, VTF, etc.     the soundsmith was recommended when i purchased the VPI.  I have no experience with MC carts and suspect it might be time to explore that route.   i've recorded albums with my korg dac and sugarcube SC-2 and although the output sounds very good i would not say it's top notch...thus, i'm putting aside [for now] the speaker/amp limitations because i have tested the output on various systems.   suggestions?  
What are you using to measure alignment: Overhang, VTA/SRA, VTF, azimuth? What are you using to measure tracking ability?
Hi.  the VPI provided accessories (alignment jig and force guage).  VTA by ear since its adjustable.  thanks 
Suggestion: Do the amp and speaker upgrade first and then come back to the cartridge. You don't really know what you are getting from the Soundsmith with the electronics and speakers you are using. Once you have settled on speakers you like and compatible amplification, you can start playing around with different cartridges to see what might be better than the Zephyr.
There is a lot of discussion about this subject on the VPI Forum, too which a Google search will lead you.
Have you made certain the Chinook settings are per SS recommendations?

I have heard your Table/cart and  Chinook plenty. Nice gear.

Nothing inferior about your amp/speakers,  but your system is underserved.

I would just ensure of all adjustments and enjoy it. Once in the new room, get the best tube/ss amp and floorstanders you can afford to hear what your table is capable of.
I suspect once you upgrade your amplifier, you'll get more out of the Soundsmith.
You've gotten some good advice here. I'd add that the tools that you are using for phono cartridge setup are good enough to get you in the ballpark, but not precise enough to allow you to make a definitive judgment on the sound of the cartridge. If you're going to be serious about phono cartridges, it's worth getting the best tools, imo. For example, you say the Soundsmith "tracks really well," and perhaps it does. But what leads you to that conclusion? It appears you haven't measured it, and based on listening you find fault with the cartridge. That suggests that you may be chasing your tail.
thank you all for the suggestions.  Cleeds, point well taken.   since im still relatively new to vinyl, what equipment do you suggest? also, tutorials for how to use it?  thanks   

@mjb87062017   Your cartridge is actually one that shines in all the areas you say are deficient.  which leads me to a few things.

Did you buy this new ?  maybe in needs a retip or service.

most likely it is a setup issue.  Watch the videos on setup on the soundsmith site as well as the vpi setup video on youtube.

I have a soundsmith Paua which is the best cartridge I have heard that is close to the Lyra Atlas SL that I heard at vpi house the other day.  One day it sounded dull and I couldnt figure out what the issue was.  I read Peter Ledermann's instructions on using blu tack to clean the stylus and voila  the sound was back. Debris sticking to a stlyus definitely affects the sound.  dry brushing and onzow zerodust were no match for the blu tack
I'm using a SS Carmen 2 on a VPI Aries and couldn't be happier with all aspects from deep bass to tje highest highs agree with other poster's the problem must be elsewhere unleds stylus is worn or dirty.

You will potentially set yourself up for disappointment, going beyond making sure the basic setup is solid.

The supplied instructions, online videos will get your Prime up to snuff for what you have. 

As mentioned earlier, ensure (by ear and SS recommendations) Chinook adjustments are good.

IMO, a waste of time and needless obsession trying to obtain a "perfect" which simply won't happen with ANY "specialized" tools.

Your expectations may too high. The Prime/SS/Chinook are excellent choices with just setting it up properly. That can be done with the supplied jig,a scale and your ears.

A call to Soundsmith AFTER you have tried on your own, would be a good move to verify your efforts.