Cartridge recommendation for VPI HR 6

I have a VPI HR-6 with JMW 12.5 arm and Audio Research PH3SE phono preamp. Have been using old Benz Glider and want to upgrade. Have been given recommendations...Soundsmith Voice, Shelter 501, Dynavector 20x, etc., but no opportunity to hear? Would appreciate any suggestions.
Hi, I'm using a Dynavector XX2MKII on my Signature Scout, and really love it. If I had deeper pockets, I'd go for the XV-1S. ( Though a substantially better table would probably be in order first.)

I also have a TNT 6HR with the 12.5 arm and used a Shelter 501 for some time. I always thought that the sound was excellent, until I replaced the cartridge with a Dynavector XV 1s. No knock on the Shelter - I still think it's an outstanding value. But the XV 1s just gives you more of everything - detail, smooth crystal clear highs, great mids, and in my case, really terrific bass. I would recommend you try one if it fits into your budget. I bought mine here on Agon and felt I got an excellent value.
Thanks for the XV 1S recommendations. Sadly, barring some unexpected good fortune, this one is out of my reach.
Ortofon jubilee mates extremely well with the VPI arm. does nothing wrong and a lot right.
One obvious option, provided you have compatibility with your Phono Stage as far as Gain/Loading, here's a suggestion which no one else has mentioned yet, it appears, is go up the Benz Ladder? The old Glider is worth much more in upgrade trade, than an outright sale would be. Mark