Cartridge recommendation for ReVox tangential tracking turntable. 

Dear vinyl heads,

 One of my turntables is a ReVox B790 Linatrack that is fitted with
a Shure V15 type V MicroRidge. I purchased it new in the mid 80s.
It doesn't see a lot of use and is on it's second OE Shure stylus that
for now, is still good. Sadly, Shure no longer manufactures the
replacement stylus. I seriously question the aftermarket offerings
so at some point a new cartridge may be required.

 The reVox table has very little tonearm mass and requires a high
compliance cartridge.  I'm little puzzled as to what direction to take.
I like to use this table on some recordings because is has a warm
character, and there are times that an auto return tonearm is a huge
plus. (ZZzzzz) I don't always want to babysit a fragile finicky wheel.

  I bought this table when I was in my early 20s over three decades
ago, me and the old girl have some history.  I did replace all of the
German Franco capacitors a few years ago. It's as reliable as a claw
hammer and on a good day could track a pizza during an earthquake.

 I admit to caving in to the convenience of digital, but I still like my
vinyl once in a while. More often than not I end up using the ReVox
if there is a chance I may doze off. (Grandpa nap)  So i want to
secure this table's future when the trusty Shure gives up the ghost.

Any thoughts?
I have the same TT! Excellent design! I can recommend Grado MI cartridges as a very good compatible choice! $100 - $500 price range (the $500 wood-bodied Sonata is particularly fine and competitive sonically with cartridges several times its price!).