Cartridge recommendation for ReVox tangential tracking turntable. 

Dear vinyl heads,

 One of my turntables is a ReVox B790 Linatrack that is fitted with
a Shure V15 type V MicroRidge. I purchased it new in the mid 80s.
It doesn't see a lot of use and is on it's second OE Shure stylus that
for now, is still good. Sadly, Shure no longer manufactures the
replacement stylus. I seriously question the aftermarket offerings
so at some point a new cartridge may be required.

 The reVox table has very little tonearm mass and requires a high
compliance cartridge.  I'm little puzzled as to what direction to take.
I like to use this table on some recordings because is has a warm
character, and there are times that an auto return tonearm is a huge
plus. (ZZzzzz) I don't always want to babysit a fragile finicky wheel.

  I bought this table when I was in my early 20s over three decades
ago, me and the old girl have some history.  I did replace all of the
German Franco capacitors a few years ago. It's as reliable as a claw
hammer and on a good day could track a pizza during an earthquake.

 I admit to caving in to the convenience of digital, but I still like my
vinyl once in a while. More often than not I end up using the ReVox
if there is a chance I may doze off. (Grandpa nap)  So i want to
secure this table's future when the trusty Shure gives up the ghost.

Any thoughts?
I have the same TT! Excellent design! I can recommend Grado MI cartridges as a very good compatible choice! $100 - $500 price range (the $500 wood-bodied Sonata is particularly fine and competitive sonically with cartridges several times its price!).
Hi 61, hi all!

First thing to say is that I envy you because your Revox works properly:-)

My # 1 recommendation would be Shure V15 mkIV.

# 2, for more accuracy and clearer highs and the most not dirty bottom, try Nagaoka MP500, I use both, nagaoka on a 1229 Dual, and Shure on Revox. It depends what mastering type of albums you listen to.

To cut to my chase, I think Shure V15mkIV is the best of all sounding cartridges, this I say including all the pros and cons and in comparison with cheaper ones like the shure DM101 and the high end ones like the Nagaoka. For jazz and voice pieces, the Nagaoka beats everything, but if you love a vintage good quality pressing from Neil Young, you might find the Shure fits best. If you wanna listen to prog or metal, again, use Shure.

Best of times I wish to you, have a smile while listening to your records!

If you know how to remove a Shure cartridge from the Revoxs’ arm please help me, I dearly beg anyone in the position to help. My vinyl tech guy is not with us anymore, and I need to remove the cartridge all by myself. Looks like the old issue came back and after less than half a minute the playback stops and the moving part from the arm zeroes back to 00.00

Thank you in advance and sorry I spammed.
 You need to find someone that understands the Revox table.There is something likely misaligned in the arm mechanism
causing the arm to return "home."
Here is a YouTube video that may be of some help.
After talking to Peter at Soundsmith, I'm likely going to purchasea high compliance version of the Soundsmith Aida for my Revox.

2M Black. My favorite cartridge of all time. And highest compliance MM of 22 on the current market. 
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