Cartridge Recommendation for Dual 1229

Cartridge recommendations for a Dual 1229?  

If you can find one, Shure V15 Type 3 with a new stylus.

I curse the day I sold my type 3 
My main table is a Dual 1229 with a Grace 747 tonearm. The  Dual stock tonearm is actually very good.  I love my Nagaoka MP 11 Boron, Denon 103R, I have several Audio Technica/Signet's that are equally wonderful. And yes, Zavato nailed an excellent choice in the Shure VI5 type III, type IV or V should work perfectly.  
Honestly, I really can't think of any cartridge that wouldn't work well in the stock Dual tonearm.  Get several extra drop out headshells and swapping cartridges is a breeze. If you need help maintaining it, let me know. I've rebuilt many.
Wittsolutions is a dealer of excellent used MM vintage cartridges. I've purchased several US made Pickerings, Stantons and Shures from him and they all sound amazing.  Also, Ed Saunders has replacement styli for some of the classic cartridges made in the US.  A Pickering XV15 is a wonderful cartridge too.  LP Gear is also a good source for styli.

I'm currently running a Pickering XSV4000 at 1.25 g on a vintage Technics SL1200 MKII into an EAR 834P with superb results.
Thanks for all the suggestions.  I'm knee deep in research!


I sold my Pickering XSV 3000 a few years ago. Don't ever make that mistake. It a 'near' perfect cartridge and I am forever kicking myself. 

Headshrinker2, be sure to add either Pickering to the list. 


Stevecham, contact information for Wittsolutions?  I Googled it but found nothing on cartridges.

Sorry, it's witsolutions, my bad!

You need to go on eBay, he doesn't have a website per se.
N: I also have an XSV 3000 that a friend gave me (lucky me) and I replaced the stylus with a new one from LP Gear.  Those US made vintage carts, in good shape with new styli, are very hard to beat.
I have a 1229Q.

Shure M75ED Type 2, M91ED,  M95ED,  M97HE Era IV, V15 Type III or IV.

I guess that I've gotten old,  I used to sell this table new.... I bunch of Dual models... Even though this arm will accept a whole bunch of cartridges,  it is most happy with a high compliance cartridge...
Thanks for the additional comments.


For years I used only LOMC cartridges, then about 10 years ago I rediscovered what gems the MM's are from the golden age of analog. (Mid 70's for me).. The Pickering XVS series is incredible and gives up nothing. 
Hang on to yours, even if you swap it out every now and then.  I found mine had outstanding bass and a glorious midrange. 
I run a Shure M97xe, a V15 ii with a JICO stylus, M91ed, Grado Prestige Green or a AT vs210e on my Dual 1229, 1219 or 1228.
Norman: How much of a pain was it to put the Grace tonearm on your Dual? I have a post asking the same kind question.
Do you have a pic?


It isn't hard. I removed the automatic functions since I never used the auto start anyway and the used springs to tension the original start switch. 

Adding a nine inch arm is easy. It's an afternoons work at best. I use mine every day for well over a decade now. 

The 1219/1229 can be made into an incredibly good turntable. 
Email me and I will send you shots of mine and help anyway I can. 

I recommend you lube the motor while you have the table apart. I would also clean and grease the platter bearing and race. 

Email me at n at normansizemore dot com

You are life-saver!
I look forward to getting the 1219 modded now.
I'll email you shortly

Thanks again!