Cartridge recommendation?

I have a Music Hall MM-7 Turntable,with the original Goldring Eroica Cartridge.I am useing a Musical Fidelity X-LPS V3 Phono Preamp with it.I am thinking of replaceing the Goldring Cartridge with either the Audio Technica AT-OC9 ML11, or a Benz Micro Ace.Which one of these Cartridge will give me the greatest improvement over the Goldring Eroica,and also work well with the MM7 Turntable?.Also which one of these Cartridge do you think will do a better job tracking the Cannon shots on Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture?.


If it helps, one of my turntables is the MMF-9 with the stock maestro cartridge. I have 2 Lps of the Telarc 1812. One Telarc tracks perfectly all the way through...the other "throws the arm" at the cannon fire. I have not had time to experiment with gram weight adjustments yet on the 2nd one.

Furthermore, I have read that the Dynavectors "ride a bit deeper" in the groove, but have not personally tried their cartridges yet.

By the way, arresting the tracking problems on this Telarc it is a worthwhile pursuit....

Good Luck.
I put a Shelter 501 mk2 into my MM7 and the improvement was substantial. A friend of mine put a Lyra Argoi in his MM7 and I think that is even slightly better than the Shelter. I know this because he brought his table over to my place and we A/Bd both MM7s directly in two different systems I have.
I am not familiar with your current cartridge or the other ones you mentioned.
I have Ace medium on my table and love the sound. It was a HUGE step up from the Sumiko Pearl I previously had.

Don't own the Telarc 1812 on vinyl....have it on CD and my player tracks it problems with cannon fire.