Cartridge recommendation

I am looking for a new cart to use on a Morch UP4 with 14gram (blue dot) arm. I am using a Benz ref II currently and am not really happy with the cart. In fact, I much prefer a DL103 to the Benz on same arm.

I want to spend no more than $1K ($750 - $800 preferably) and willing to purchase used.

I am using the DL103 on my second arm so I do not want to get another (one is enough). Cart output is not a problem as I have a number of step-ups I can use so anything with an output of 0.2mV or higher.

My table is not suspended (Progressive engineering "The Turntable") and is on a very solid and sturdy rack.

Denon 103R or Shelter 501MK2. Both have the Denon 103 sound but are more refined, unlike me.
Dear Paul: Here are some options:

Regards and enjoy the music.