Cartridge Recommendation

Hi folks. I'm helping a friend put together a two-channel system and could use some help on a cartridge recommendation. He has my old Systemdeck II with a Rega RB300 arm. Preamp will be an ARC SP16. Speakers are Proac D25s. When I owned the table, I think I ran a Garrott P77 which worked pretty well--but that was at least 10 years ago! I'd appreciate hearing particularly with those of you who have experience with the RB300 in a sprung suspension design. I'm considering Dynavector 10X5, Goldring Eroica, Garrott P77, Audiotechnica. I'm sure there are others that I'm missing. Thanks for the help.
Doug, how about a Denon 110 or 160. My son has the 110 on a Denon turntable and the sound is very impressive.

I changed from the goldring to the dynavector 10x5 on a music hall 7 table that I used to own -- I thought the change to the dynavector was a significant improvement --REgards, Carol
I did the exact same thing as Dupzyk. I would use Dynavector unless you are willing to spend over $1k. The 10x5 is great.
I have a Dyna 10X5 for sale here on Audiogon if anyone's interested. Dave
I'm using a 20XH in my Scout and think it is fantastic. In that setup the Dyna excels. I'm wondering how the 10X5 will mate with the Rega. Can anyone comment? Thanks
The 10x5 is a fantastic match to the Rega arm and, by far, would be my pick on that table. I'm running a 20xL and think it's the finest cartridge I've run under $1k - hell, it may be the finest all around cart I've ever run! You can't go wrong with any Dynavector on a Rega or VPI arm in my experience.
There is the Denon 103 cheaper and most likely better than a Dynavector 10x5,it is a moving coil though.
>>There is the Denon 103 cheaper and most likely better than a Dynavector 10x5,it is a moving coil though.<<

So is the Dynavector.
By all accounts the Goldring 1042 MM is better than the MC Eroica, and cheaper.
Stan,There is a difference between a high output moving coil and low output moving coil cartridge as you probably know.The low ouput and required loading makes the Denon perhaps a little fussy.. the phono stage you use can be problematic.I think the Dynavector is trying to masquerade as a moving magnet type cartridge.Now you could probably plug that straight into the phono stage,but then you probably are aware of the ins and outs here.
>>you probably are aware of the ins and outs here<<

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all are firm choices-HOwever-the ortofon super om 30 mm at 159.00 is wonderful at tracking and great with nearfield resolution.
I believe an akiva would prove very rewarding on the systemdek, budget permitting. The dek is a clasic beuty!
Benz micro Glider is a good choice for that arm as well.
I'd push towards either a Goldring Eroica H or a Denon 160. The Denon is better and natural. The Eroica is a bit warmer and 'lush/romantic' sounding. Grado Ref Platinum is always an option but it's colder.

If you really want the best, goto Spend $200 on a Denon 103 and $100 on the step-up tranny. With that tranny, you can plug the Denon into a standard MM input and it work.

Until you hear a Denon, you don't know what good sound is (I Love My 301 II).

Marty Nickison