Cartridge recommendation


Have recently purchased a table (inbound) with a Moerch UP4 arm with a red wand.  My current cartridge (Glider) is pretty old and am looking to pick up another cartridge.  

Does anyone have experience with a 9” Moerch arm?  If so, which cartridges would you recommend?  I’d like to keep the price at $750 or below (new/used ok).  The phono pre is an AR PH3SE with 54 dB of gain.


Thank you.


You bet. I used a PH3 SE for years. Ideally you want to get a high compliance Soundsmith Voice. You would have to find one used.  Next and the best for the money is the Goldring 1042. For $700 it is a fabulous cartridge. It has a Gyger S diamond stylus, the same one used in the $16,000 Clearaudio Goldfinger. It is light, compliant and tracks at a reasonable 1.7 grams.