Cartridge recommendation

Well, completed move to Las Vegas. Before the move I decided to cash in on eBay and sold a NIB Shure V-15 cartridge.

Now I have decided to set up my old 70s system. Disco lives!  Pioneer SX-1050, Teac A-2300S open reel and the Pioneer PL-630 turntable. Will throw the old SAE 5000 Impulse Noise Reduction System into the mix. I think I have a Sony cassette deck somewhere that needs a belt. Speakers will be either JBL L222 Disco or JBL L65. With a JBL B360 sub.

So, being warned I don’t have a Golden Ear, Silver Ear or even a Lead Ear can I get a cartridge recommendation?  I sold the Shure for $415 so something in that ball park would be nice.

Lots of choices. Check Grado out. Scroll down on this page to see Grado cartridges.

Then go to the LP Tunes "home page" and check all of their cartridge offerings out. Be sure to select a cartridge that has the right output for your rig.

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The specs for the receiver say the phono section sensitivity is 2.5mV/50k ohms. I am intrigued by the Grado Statement Platinum 1. There are 2 versions, 0.5mV and 5.0mV.
I assume I want the 5.0mV version.

Just noticed the stylus is not replaceable. How many hours should I expect to get from a diamond elliptical needle?