Cartridge recommendation?

I just bought my first turntable (vintage Rega Planar 2 with an unmodified tonearm) and preamp (Musical Fidelity VP90-LPS) and was wondering if anyone has any budget cartridge recommendations (under $200 if possible). Either MM or MC is fine, I just want whatever sounds the best for that price.
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What better than a Rega cart for a Rega table?

No alignment fuss, just attach the screws, and you're good to go.

Enjoy listening to records and avoid audio neurosis from reading audio threads.
Grado Prestige Black from Needle Doctor. Under $100. I am a long-time Grado fan!
Audio-Technica VM540ML is listed at $249 on Audio-Technica’s web site. Under $200 at $169 is the AT-VM95ML which probably more than 68% of what the VM540ML is. I can tell you the VM540ML is worth much more than what it sells for. 
Thanks for the suggestions! I was originally looking to get a used Denon DL-110, but I think I would need to purchase a heavier counterweight for the tonearm to use it. Any idea how these cartridges compare sonically to the DL-110? I forgot to mention earlier that I will mainly be listening to classical symphonic music.
The DL110 is a fine cartridge and will suit the type of music. Use it on the MM input.