cartridge recommendation

Looking for a cartridge that would be a good match with a Michell Technoarm (A) and a Townshend Rock3.My amp(Luxman 505uX) has a built in phono stage that can accommodate either a MM or MC cartridge.I'm currently using a Dynavector 20xh that I find sounds a little to tipped up and shrill with the Technoarm.Any suggestions?
The only cartridge I've heard on a Technoarm was an Ortofon Quintet Bronze
and it sounded absolutely wonderful.......
I think that you might find the Ortofon 2M Black to be a match as well
are you sure your setup is good with the Dyna?  Before a new purchase, I would do all I could to get the cartridge right.  Perhaps loading it more...perhaps a bit tail down...perhaps a bit more/less vtf....etc.