Cartridge recommendation

Hello audiophiles,

I am getting a brand new VPI Classic 3 with 3D tonearm. I've invested all my cash in the table arm combo, leaving only a residual budget for the cartridge of about $800. I figured I can upgrade a cartridge easier when cash flows than a turntable. So for this $ VPI can preinstall an Ortofon 2M Black or a Dynavector 20x2L. I am not knowledgeable enough of carts to make a choice.

The rest of the system is Sutherland 20/20 phono, Primaluna Prologue Premium integrated amp with La Radio Technique 1956 NOS 12AU7s and KT120s and Acoustic Zen Adagios.

I listen to Classical, Jazz, world, folk, electronica, some classic rock...

I appreciate your input!
they are quite different..while the first is a MM the second is a MC..the ortofon is much brighter than the 20x2, that is bass heavier and a bit more relaxed/slow..

Between the two I would chose the dynavector..

but, if you want to spend a bit less, there's always the very very good AT33 PTG II..
I agree with the 33PTG. I'm very satisfied with the AT OC-9/II but the 33PTG will provide the next step up in performance. The AT 33EV is good but a little less airy in the highs.

These AT moving coil carts match up very well with the Classic 3 arm and should be at least as good with the 3D arm.
Hello Isaacrivera,
First, congrats on your new purchase. Great table by all means. Actually, your entire analog rig is quite impressive I must say.
My two cents:
The “Source”, meaning a Turntable player, is at the beginning of the audio chain.
This is where the music /audio signal starts. I am sure you have heard the old saying....."junk in junk out"
The source is the most important part of any good audio system. This is where one should not nickel and dime themselves.
In other words, your system will be as good as your cart will allow it to "sing"!!!!!!!
AT OC 9 II or III is a great cart for the money
DV 20X2 will offer move information
DV 17D3 is where I would start for your kind of rig
That said, after 25 + years as an "audiophile" bull shit wannabe, Lyra will blow you mind away!
Bottom line, you will NEVER be able to appreciate "music" unless you can "retrieve" the "right" sound with the "right" cart.
My recommendation.......
Buy a cart that will be up to par with your rig! Your system deserves a better cart than what you are currently searching for. Trust me.......sorry.......
Trust your ears!
Happy listening!