Cartridge recommedation needed for old table/arm

I'm asking advice for new cartridge for a 20 year old set up: Signet XK50 tonearm on Denon DP 1000 table.

I use to have a Dynavector Karat low output MC with Ruby cantilever mounted on the XK50. The DV cartridge was latter replaced by a Adcom crosscoil hi output MC cartridge but I remember liking the detail and smoothness of the DV better. I haven't used the table in about 10 years but I want to get back into vinyl and figured I'd start by mounting a new cartridge on the Signet/Denon combo and buying a new phono preamp. Also, I would probably buy a new phono cable with DIN connector.

If it makes sense to mount a really good cartridge on this Signet/Denon setup what would you recommend buying new today? Would you spend up to $1,000 on this old setup like a Lyra Lydian Beta? Is it worthwhile to invest big dollars in this old setup or just put a $300 cartridge on it and spend the money latter on a completly new table/arm/cartridge setup? I could always put the Denon/Signet table in a second system and wait and purchase something like a VPI Scout/Lyra Lydian Beta combo when the funds are available.

Here's the specifications from the original owner's manual I was just able to locate in my attic:

Overall Length: 337 mm 13 17/64"
Effective length: 240mm 9-29/64"
Overhand: 15mm (19/32")
Tracking error: +/- 1%
Direct reading of calibratin in 0.1 gm increments
Acceptable cartridge wieght: 4 to 11 grams
fo frequency: 10 HX with TK9e mount
fo damping effect:5 db with tk9e mounted
vertical sensitivity: 4mg min

Dynavector DV/Karat (I don't have anymore but I thought knowing the specs on it may help in recommending something new)
type: very samll size moving coil
output voltage: 0.2mV/1kHZ/5cm/sec
freq response 20-50,000hz
channel balance 1db (1khz)
channel separation 20 db (1khz)
compliance 15 x 10 -6 cm/dyn.
impdedance R = 30 0hm, L- 80 micro H
stylus .1mm x .1mm, line contact naked diamond
cantilever .4mm x .4mm x 2.5 mm, obkique cut solid ruby
vertical tracking angle 20 deg.
playing weight 1.5 + 1.0 -.3 gms
height 17.5 mm
weight: 5.3 gms

The rest of my system is as follows (all purchased in the last 20 months)

Digital CD Front End
Transport via Acoustic Zen MC2 to Perpetual P1 24/96 upsampler/ P3A DAC with Monolithic PS (interconnected via Audio Magic Reference I2S cable)

Pure Note Epsilon analogue RCA cables to Sim Moon I5 Integrated

Analysis Plus Oval 9s to Martin Logan Aerius i and Rel Strata III subwoofer

So do I put a new cartidge on the old setup and try to work it in to my current system or relegate it to a 2nd system and wait to put the big dollars into something new?

Hi Ed-
My recommendation would be to slap an affordable Grado into the old table and enjoy the heck out of it while you save for a better turntable/tonearm combo. Then you can put the Grado in that, and enjoy it until you can afford the cartridge of your dreams.
Good Luck!
Another Ed
I would suggest that you buy as good a cartridge as your Denon/Signet combo is capable of handling, so if you stay with your re-discovered passion you can use it when you upgrade to a new table/arm.

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with your Signet, or with the Sim Moon with respect to the minimum output a cartridge must have to work with it. Since the Lydia (a fine cartridge) is a MC I presume you have checked that it will work.

The modern version of your old Karat is the 17D2 MkII, with .23mv output, 5.3 grams and recommended loading of 100 ohms. I own it - great tracker, fast with excellant detail but not overly bright after it breaks in. Lists for $750.

The Lydia Beta is a bit heavier at 8g, with a higher output of .5mv and the same loading. List is $995.

Don't think you could go wrong with either. If you have a local dealer for either or both, perhaps you can persuade him to let you bring you Denon/Signet in for an in-store test.

My SIM Moon I5 integratd has a line stage preamp. I would also need to purchase a phono preamp. What do you use with your DV 17D2 MkII? Do most phono preamps that are designed for MC cartridges handle .23 mv input okay and provide enough gain to the preamp?

By the way there a review on the DV 17D2 MKII on "Enjoy the". The reviewer thought it was outstanding for the price - a cartridge that is very true to the original recording.
I'd go with the Denon 103D or 103S. Excellent midrange and very affordable. Denon will re-build them for around $125-$130.
Ed_f, I've actually lent the cartridge to a friend who is using it with a SME V arm and Nottingham Spacedeck. His phono pre is a Sonic Frontiers. I ran it using SME V and Graham 2.2 arms with an Oracle V using a Herron phono pre. I think it's a fine cartridge, and so does my friend.

The fact that you have to purchase a phono pre ups the ante and cuts into your target budget, particularly if you go the MC cartridge route. I doubt if you could get a decent one for less that $500 used. Most phono pre specifically designed for MCs should work fine. Look to your dealer to give you specific advice.

The tricky part about your situation is that, if you buy a $100-200 phono pre and an inexpensive moving magnet cartridge, you might not like the sound as much as what you get from your digital source, (which is a nice one) and dump your experiment. But if you go for something better you might find that a good MC phono pre and the Dynavector is not be feasible within your budget.

Also, not knowing your Signet tonearm, I have no way of knowing whether it would work with the 17D2 MkII. That's why I suggested that you take your rig into a local dealer for a test.

If you don't have a local dealer, then perhaps Egoss's suggestion makes the most sense. But if your Dennon has a metal platter the Grado might not be a good idea because I have heard this combo can lead to hum problems. A phono pre by NAD or Creek that support MM cartridges can be found for under $200.

Good luck, and I hope you find a way back to vinyl.