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Hi 'Gonners
I am looking to purchase a turntable shortly. My current choices are down to a Nottingham Horizon or a Michell Gyro SE. My question, I need a cartridge that will work with these tables in the $300. price range-give or take a little-.I prefer a new cart rather than a used one, got any suggestions?
You can get close With a Grado Sonata. Easy to deal with,!!!!!!! good output, tremendous midrange-where most of the music is. Lists at $500.00 but you can get for $400.00 new if you shop.
Denon 103D can't be beat if you can handle .25mv output.
Lewt me second Veridian's recommendation of a Denon DL 103D, which you can get for $229 from Denon USA, phone # (310) 974-1010. It's a classic that's still competitive.
I forgot to mention I have the Howell black box phono preamp (with the pwx power supply) in my original thread. Does the Denon still qualify?
Tom, that's viridian with two "i"s, not veridian. It's a shade of green. As in "green with envy" over some of the rigs that you guys are running.
I think there are two great cartridges not mentions that get awsome reviews and in the 300 price range. They are the Dynavector 10x4 mkII at about $360 And the Clearaudio Aurum Beta II at about $375 This are both great cartridges and both right around three hundred dollars. Look on the net for reviews on this the clearaudio was just recomended by Stereophile a couple months back as the best midrange in a budget priced Cartridge. and i read a comparison of 5 cartridges a week back on the net can't remember all of them but they were a Grado a Blue Point the Dynavector and the clearaudio and they put the Dynavector at the top just above the Clearaudio done by to seperate reviewers.P.S. the Dynavector has been updated from the old 10x4 and is said to have much better mids and detail. so you need a new one
Mark Blom
Hi Viridian, haven't I seen your 18/02 post before -- exactly the same, word for word? Must be deja vu...:)
Look at the Grado Sonata, the Ortifon X5MC about 110 street price, or the Aurum Beta S. At the price thats about what's out there. I can't speak to the Dennon as I haven't heard one since the mid 80's but it was competitive then, and the strides in cartridge design have been pretty high.

I also hear nice things about the new Blue Point nude but I can't say as I haven't heard it.

Viridian--a shade of green? I thought it was a Star Trek character!
Turntable information is not a bottom line and more info is realy required to make the match more precise.
What phono preamplification you're going to use. Michell can successfully accomodate a huge veriety of cartridges even in your price range.
Recently I setup to my friend Goldring Eroica that had been recently sold on audiogon new at almost half the price($250) with Oracle Alexandria which also has a suspension like Michell and the setup was very successfull indeed with Michell ISO phono preamp(used $200).
Phychicanimal, beam me up. And, yes, it's three "i"s not two, mea culpa.
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As I mis-stated previously I already own a Black Cube with the PWX power supply.The table is still up in the air I was just trying to get an idea of how wide my choices are
Not the phono amp for the Denon, I think. The Dyna might be a better bet.
I am leaning towards the dynaudio myself although it appears the Gyro may fall through leaving me with the Nottingham Horizon w/ OE arm. Do you think the Dyna will mate with this table as well?
I hope that you mean Dynavector, not dynaudio. Speakers on the brain, eh? Still a great match.
Hi guys , the Dennon 103 is the best budget cartridge out there buy far and the sheltet 501 mk II is the best value
the 501 is equal or better than the transfiguration temper supreme and the LYRA Helikon and betters the Vandenhull grasshopper. the 501 retails at onlt $800 this cartridge used to be called the Crown Jewel and retailed at $2,600
if you can only afford 300 get the dennon but I think you should save a little more and get the shelter. There are lot of guys with 10k plus front ends using this cartridge you can get this baby and never look back. also you should consider the origin live Aurora table with the silver arm with the 501 this is the setup I just purchased. Origin live makes the best bang for the buck,stay tuned, more to come, by for now.
check out this site very interesting ,
Be sure to check out this whole site especially reviewing the reviewers

Thanks for that link!! WOW! That is really interesting reading, particularly the "Reviewing the Reviewers" section!
Anyone have recommendations for purchasing the Denon DL 103R or the Ortofon X5 MC (besides Martin or 2Juki. I tried sending e-mail to them but they have not responded in over a week. Might be that neither of them can get it now).
I just got a Denon 103R from Koji, for just under $300, shipping and everything included. His email is
Thanks for the info.
Denis,what have you purchaced for your Analog front end?
The 103 very nice, what else?
Haven't purchased anything yet, but will soon purchase one of the Teres tables. I have purhcased quite a few records in the last few weeks, and am pleasantly surprised at the selection.